How to Properly Maintain a Semi Trailer Truck?

A semi-trailer is a heavy-duty commercial truck that comes in different shapes, sizes, and designs. It transports large products from one location to another. Though semi-trailers are designed for intense usage, you need to take good care of the truck to prevent breakdowns and repairs. 

semi-trailer repair can take time and disrupt your day’s schedule. Such risks can be minimized with preventive maintenance and regular servicing. Here’s how to take proper care of your semi-trailer truck. 

  • Air Pressure 

The tires have to bear the load of the semi-trailer. Maintaining the right air pressure increases the longevity of the tires. Installing an inflation or pressure monitoring system will help keep track of the tires even when driving. Don’t forget to check for leaks and ensure that the hose connection is secure. 

  • Suspension 

Regular usage will cause visual wear and tear in the semi-trailer. You can notice these signs in the cracks and tears in the suspension spring. Take care not to let anything interfere with the spring movement. Something as simple as the wrong ride height can affect the suspension system. Get it inspected by an experienced mechanic before you go on the next long trip. 

  • Brake System 

The angle between the wheel ends and spring brakes should be 90 degrees. This is formed by the air chamber push rod and slack adjuster. The brakes need to be adjusted if this angle is not 90 degrees. The drum brakes should also be measured to ensure they’ll last until the next inspection. Replace them with new ones when in doubt. 

  • Engine Diagnostics 

It is safer to hire a mechanic to inspect the engine. At King Truck and Trailer Repair Company, we offer roadside assistance for semi-trailer repair and scheduled servicing to thoroughly examine your trailer and identify even the slightest issues. Repairing problems in the early stages will eliminate the risk of sudden breakdowns. It also increases the engine’s performance. 

  • Electric System 

Corrosion can eat away at the electric system and cause jamming. This can lead to issues with headlights, indicator lights, etc. Thoroughly inspect the wires, lamps, and connections. Clean the dust and replace the grease to maintain smooth connections. 

  • Cleaning Inside and Outside 

Trailers have to be washed at least once every 45 to 60 days. Washing eliminates dirt and makes it easy to identify leaks, holes, cracks, etc., that need to be repaired before they get bigger and more dangerous. Get rid of the debris in the hydraulic system. 

  • Lubrication 

Choose the right lubricants and change them as recommended by the manufacturer. Mixing new grease with the old one will reduce the debris and minimize friction. This will allow the parts to function smoothly and have a longer lifespan. Don’t change the viscosity of the grease or mix two different types, as it can cause damage to the parts. 

The performance of the semi-trailer depends on how well you care for it. Contact King Truck and Trailer Repair for more information. 

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