Essentials to Carry: A Comprehensive Truck Driver’s Packaging List 

Truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road with little or no access to basic items like food, water, etc. While you can certainly carry these items in your backpack, you should also include other essentials that make the journey smoother and safer. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most important items to take with you on a long truck drive. 

  • Cash and Credit Card

Apart from paying for the gas, you may have to spend money on quite a few things, including repairs. Always have spare cash or a credit card (that isn’t maxed out) so that you don’t have to hesitate to call for help. Imagine a breakdown when you don’t have money on your hands. With a credit card in your pocket, you can right away call a reliable roadside truck repair company like King Truck and Trailer Repair and get the job done for pocket-friendly prices. 

  • Mobile Phone Charger/ Powerbank 

Carry a power bank to charge your mobile phone. Ensure that the battery is above 30% to use in emergencies. How will you call someone when you need assistance if the mobile phone battery dies? You may have to wait for a long time until someone agrees to help. Also, make it a point to write down the phone number of your roadside truck repair company. That way, even if your mobile phone is not working, you can still call the mobile mechanic. 

  • Flashlight with Spare Batteries 

Truck drivers going on night trips should carry a powerful flashlight and spare batteries. The flashlight can help you inspect your truck and the surroundings when you take a break. You can even complete minor repairs on your own. This also saves the mobile phone’s battery. 

  • Maintenance and Repair Tools 

The truck’s maintenance tools are as important as the first aid kit. A few compatible wrenches, wire cutters, box knives, hammers, safety glasses, gloves, etc., are some items that should be in your maintenance toolkit. You can ask a mechanic to recommend more tools useful for minor repairs or patchwork. You may have to call the mobile mechanic, but if you can pinpoint the issue, the repair work will be done faster. 

  • Warning Triangles and Cones 

These are a must when you go on overnight truck drives. In case of breakdowns, the first thing to do is to place the cones around your truck. This ensures that other drivers can clearly see that your truck has a problem. It minimizes the risk of collisions and might attract help faster. 

  • High Visibility Jacket 

A high visibility jacket outlines your presence around the truck and alerts drivers to maintain distance to avoid running into you. It will also safeguard your life if you plan to inspect the truck before the roadside truck repair mechanic arrives to help you out. 

Other items like non-perishable foods, toilet paper, water cans, ID proof, maps/ GPS, portable cooking appliances, toiletries, etc., should also be included. 

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